• Melbourne Recital Centre – Seeing The Unseen

    Music is central to us all; it’s entirely fitting that this quote is from the Melbourne Recital Centre—MRC—Melbourne’s and perhaps Australia’s centre for music. Classical, jazz, pop, contemporary, cabaret and world. It features two auditoria: Elisabeth Murdoch Hall and the Salon. The Elisabeth Murdoch Hall can seat 1000 people;...

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  • The intricacies of a web – Seeing The Unseen

    Image: Luc Viatour / What do you see when you look at this spider web? The reflected landscape? Dewy weight on silken threads? Molecules? A colour spectrum? Is it science, art, or design? A photographer might see pixels forming an image. An arachnologist might see craftily spun spirals and...

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  • CH2 The Visionary Building – Seeing The Unseen

    It’s been a landmark in the Melbourne CBD for seven years now, but the City of Melbourne’s Council House 2 at 240 Little Collins street continues to generate buzz and curiosity. We sat down with Michael Gibson, Team Leader of the Architects within CH2 to learn more about the...

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  • TEDxCity2.0 Event Review – Dream me. Build me. Make me real.

    September 22nd saw TEDxMelbourne stage their TEDxCity2.0 event at Swinburne University’s Advanced Technologies Centre as part of TED’s global City2.0 day. MC for the afternoon was self confessed nutritional overachiever, Warwick Merry, who kick started the event by introducing TEDxMelbourne curator Jon Yeo. Jon reminded everyone that the entire event...

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  • CERES Global – City2.0

      CERES means many things; the Roman goddess of agriculture, the smallest and closest dwarf planet – and a non-for-profit sustainability centre in East Brunswick. The 4.5 hectare Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES) is an urban farm, permaculture, nursery, market, café, venue and Australia’s largest...

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  • Havana’s Market Gardens – City 2.0

    Not far from the salsa, malecón and vintage cars, Havana grows its own food and leads the way in urban cultivation. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 meant that Cuba lost its largest ally and biggest food importer. After food rationing and shortages, locals planted seeds in...

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