• Are you a partnerships extraordinaire? We want to hear from you!

    We currently have an opportunity for an experienced partnerships manager to join the team as “Head of Partnerships”. This volunteer role is part of the Executive Team and holds high-level strategic importance to the growth and success of TEDxMelbourne. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!...

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  • Can you design an ‘innovative culture’?

    What’s wrong with Googleplex (and the Apple Spaceship). They get some things right but it’s not all beanbags in the meeting rooms and ‘foosball’ tables in the kitchen for Google. What’s the science behind what has actually been proven to create an innovation culture? Can you “design” a culture of...

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  • Have you joined our Facebook Event?

    Fellow TEDxers The countdown to our 2015 event has begun! If you’re joining us at TEDxMelb ‘The Stuff Of Dreams’ on 14 August at Melbourne Convention Centre, then RSVP on our Facebook Event page to let everyone know! You can also connect with us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for more...

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  • TEDxMelbourne amplified to over 780,000 people

    How does the collective power of social media help spread ideas worth spreading? Oh, only in like, a hundred different ways! In fact, the simple act of you taking a couple of minutes to read this blog is contributing towards the online buzz around TEDxMelbourne. And because of people...

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  • TEDActive 2011 Desert Party

    Some of the frivolities at the TEDActive 2011 Desert Party. One of the most remarkable (and possibly tiring) elements for TED is the sheer number of very engaging conversations outside of the talks. I love it. There is never a shortage of amazing conversations from very intelligent, educated and...

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  • TEDxMelbourne Hosts at TEDActive 2011

    Hi All, Rod and I have the privilege of attending TED Active 2011. Our plan is to have a daily post over the next week (fingers crossed). Today was the global TEDx organisers event. This is invitation only where the global organisers can get together and share best practice....

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