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  • Melbourne, what’s your dream?

    On August 14, 2015 TEDxMelbourne is all about The Stuff of Dreams. We want to challenge you to discover, nurture and chase your dreams. We also want to uncover what dreams are changing the world, the universe and our home here in Melbourne. Risk more than others think is...

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  • TEDxMelbourne 2014: Thank you

    We hope you had a great day at our event on the 10th October 2014. It was a blast to bring it to you. Over the next few weeks we will edit and upload our talks. Watch out for them over Twitter and Facebook and also a final email...

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  • TEDxMelbourne 2014: Off the Grid

    With our 2014 conference just days away, be sure to check out our amazing line up on our events page! Make sure you subscribe to our mail list for further updates on future events! As another reminder for our Afterparty, be sure to download Aston Club’s app! For new users...

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  • TEDxMelbourne 2014: Ticket Sales Closed

    Waiting just behind the curtain are 14 speakers and two performances. They are brimming with excitement to share their stories with you – changing the way you exist in the world, forever. Our speakers will harness an intangible, an idea, and bring it to life through the power of...

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  • TEDxMelbourne 2014: Afterparty

    TEDxMelbourne events have always been about pioneering innovative ways to interpret our environment and everyone in it. This includes using new technology to accelerate slower, more outdated processes. We present a company who has reinvented the way we interact with expenditures – Aston Club. We will be using Aston...

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  • Close of Ticketing: 1 Week

    TEDxMelbourne’s annual conference is coming soon! Have you got your ticket to attend? Join over 500+ excited TEDx’ers and secure your spot now, as tickets are selling out fast. Midnight on October 5th is the final curtain call for all TEDxMelbourne 2014 ticket sales. Tickets: A little taste of...

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