Annalie Killian

Annalie Killian is Catalyst for Magic at AMP. She brings creativity and innovation to business by cultivating a culture of collaboration, championing the exploration of trends, and fostering experimentation with new ideas and emerging technologies. Annalie founded AMP’s crowd-sourcing innovation programme for employees, which grew from a grassroots movement in 2003 to a company-wide programme by 2009, and is producer of AMP’s biannual festival of innovation in business, leadership and technology: Amplify

Amplify Festival attracts edge-thinkers and change agents to Australia from all over the world, and provides an immersive learning experience for AMP employees, customers, partners, and a growing public audience. In between festivals, Annalie curates monthly Social Business Salons to accelerate the technology transfer and adoption rate by business leaders.

In 2011, the US based Aspen Institute invited Annalie to become a Fellow of their First Movers Programme, designed to develop and connect global leaders working at the intersection of business growth and social innovation.

Prior to AMP, Annalie lead the Public Affairs function of BHP Billiton’s Aluminium Division in South Africa where her work won numerous international awards for social innovation. Annalie’s corporate career started with Deloitte as an accountant.

Annalie practices an open innovation approach, and shares what she learns through frequent public speaking engagements, via her blog Catalyst for Magic (recently named one of Australia’s top 25 business blogs by Smart Company) and on twitter as @maverickwoman, where she has been tweeting her magic from Twitter’s early days.

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