Adam Jaffrey

Adam is an Anti-Violence Evangelist for the non-profit organisation Step Back Think. For the past three years, Step Back Think has been using their youthful insight to put an end to street violence, in particular alcohol-fuelled violence. The organisation was founded after a close friend of the group was assaulted in Melbourne’s CBD and left with a permanent Acquired Brain Injury.

“Step Back Think believes that we can educate the community about violence through creating awareness. After all, the majority of society misunderstands the impacts violence can have; all it takes is one punch”, says Adam.

Adam is really excited about speaking at TEDxMelbourne: Community and Youth – check out his tweets. He’s grateful for the opportunity to tell his story, raise awareness and encourage action on this very important issue. He is also a huge TED fan and believes he has an idea well worth spreading.

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