Dr Sarah Jane Pell

Artist, commercial diver, researcher and Australia’s first TED Fellow

Dr Sarah Jane Pell is uniquely engaged in art and science research intersecting the performing arts, human movement and underwater diving. Her work parallels human spaceflight and exploration and she positions herself as the experiment itself, seeking to embody and critique the culture of exploration and redefine our visions of future worlds.

Sought after as a consultant for futurist think tanks, interactive design, feature films and cinematic world building, Sarah’s work is widely exhibited, performed, published and recognised. She was the first artist to graduate from the International Space University and Singularity University and was awarded Best PhD Art & Science by Leonardo AS, MIT 2007 for her thesis proposing ‘Aquabatics as new works of Live Art’.

In April 2015, she reached Mount Everest South Base Camp (5,364 metres) and was preparing to continue to summit for her art when the Nepal earthquake struck. Drawing upon her story of survival she is writing a screenplay, ‘Bending Horizons’, and working on a documentary.

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