TEDxMelbourne Youth Event

TEDxMelbourne is excited to bring back the TEDxMelbourne Youth Event for the first time in eight years.

Exploring the theme of Rebellion, young people aged 12-16 will be encouraged to consider what it means to rebel, how rebellion can create positive change and what their role in a rebellion might be.

The world is a tough and ever-changing place that sometimes expects us to conform and accept whatever lies before us. Yet, there are people in this world who chose to rebel with a cause for the better.


Listen and be inspired by their stories as they light up your own inner rebel to take the chance to make a change. Be a part of the evolution, the prosperity, the peace and the innovation. We all have the courage inside of us to be daring and audacious. We can all be revolutionaries. They are us and we are them.

Limited tickets available to schools and youth-based organisations via application soon.